Guinea: Dadis Camara sick or a defense strategy?

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Africaguinee Dec. 5, 2022 8:29 p.m.

Despite the defendant's argument of illness not passing today, the court did not call another defendant to the stand to give evidence.

“I want to tell you Mr.

President, with all due respect to your august tribunal, I have already informed the director of the prison guard, the chief doctor of the prison guard, for a very long time, I suffers.

If the president of the Criminal Court of Dixinn acceded to the request of the former junta, Ibrahima Sory 2 Tounkara nevertheless specified that his jurisdiction "has not received any medical file concerning Dadis Camara".

This is what the court understood and finally decided to call it today.

CONAKRY- Invited to the bar to deliver his version in the commission of offenses at the great stadium of Conakry in September 2009, the former president Moussa Dadis Camara did not finally make a statement, this Monday, December 05.

I have already informed the lawyers (…) But in all sincerity, I do not feel well”, declared Dadis Camara who ended up convincing the judge of the criminal court of Dixinn to obtain a postponement of his appearance on December 12.


On the contrary, we are told, it is a defensive strategy.

Taboo on his illness… Asked by the president of the court about the nature of his illness, Moussa Dadis Camara groped, invoking a malaria which tired him before retracting on the continuation..

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