Dating vs Relationship: How to read the signs and know your status

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Pulse-gh Oct. 2, 2021 1:17 p.m.

Dating vs Relationship: How to read the signs and know your status

This doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship; it means you’re both helping each other with sexual frustration.

Say you haven’t had the “official” conversation yet, but you’ve established that you’re not sleeping with other people.

It’s almost impossible to get it back and, chances are, you’ll spend your time kissing your partner’s feet and feeling inferior until the love has gone on both sides.

It’s not wrong; since you’re not tied down, you’re simply screening a list of potential candidates.

That means there’s a chance you’re easing into a serious relationship with the person, but are waiting to become an official item.

The importance of being on the same page There is nothing wrong with dating casually if that’s what you want, and that’s what makes you happy.

If you’re someone who knows they don’t want a commitment any time soon, you have to be honest about that There’s a chance you’re having sex on occasion with a friend who is also single.

That’s because there’s a love connection there and it makes the act more than just lust.

For instance, if you started off dating casually, but a couple of months in, you’re starting to see some relationship signs creeping in, you can be reassured that things are moving in a positive direction.

It’s not a crime, but it’s not for everyone either.

Casual dating is a marvellous way of getting to know all kinds of people, without having to feel tied down to anyone until you’re absolutely ready..

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