Egypt’s AFCON trophy ‘lost’

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Premiumtimesng Sept. 4, 2020 6:27 p.m.

Egypt’s AFCON trophy ‘lost’

What initially looked like a big joke has now been confirmed, as the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) trophy retained by Egypt permanently after the North African country won three titles in a row has been declared ‘lost’.

“Officials of the committee which meets every five years and currently manages the Football Association were surprised that the trophy was not available, in light of their desire to create a museum at the federation headquarters, which would feature the trophy and the national team’s kits,” Shobeir reportedly said on the ‘On Time Sports’ TV show.

According to a report by Goal, ex-Egyptian Football Association vice-president Ahmed Shobeir, explained it was during preparations to build a museum to house all of the silverware won by the North African nation that AFCON trophy was discovered missing..

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