Ukraine-Living the chaos of war in winter without electricity: The moving story of Issa Sadio Diallo...

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Africaguinee Dec. 5, 2022 7:51 p.m.

For the moment, there is no bad news that concerns us directly apart from the daily difficulties that Ukraine is experiencing as a result of the war.

Thank God, the four families who are in Odessa, a family in the Zaporozhye region, a family in the city of Kharkov and my family here in kyiv as well as the mixed families, we are all doing well under divine protection.

If these water and electricity cuts had been when I had just arrived from Conakry around the 1990s, I was not going to feel them too much.

It is true, our honorary consulate had been closed even before the start of this invasion, but I still remain the responsible person as president of the Council of Guineans Abroad in Ukraine and dean.

Some four other families of Guineans remained in other cities, there are also mixed families and other Africans who remained despite the intensity of the Russian bombardments on energy and vital infrastructure.

Here is in a way the daily How do you live without water, without gas and without electricity in kyiv… essential foodstuffs especially in this winter period? Issa Sadio Diallo lives with his family still in kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the target of constant bombing.

In the middle of winter, they are deprived of electricity, because of Russian strikes that targeted energy infrastructure.

We are very active in the field of volunteering, we assist the displaced, the elderly, the victims of the bombings by bringing them clothes, food, helping to clean up the debris or construction materials.

He became by force of circumstances, consul of Guinea in this country attacked by Russia for almost a year now.

It's a shame to see these destructions but especially some people who have lost everything including members of their family.

I also and above all pray to God to help Guinea emerge from this transition in dignity to finally live in peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, this country is very rich in water and electricity, at least before these targeted bombardments which disrupted the service.

My family had taken precautions by stocking up on lamps, powers banks, portable gas stoves, thermoses, foods that don't spoil without fridges or freezers.

In the event of an alert, everyone receives an SMS or a siren signal to take shelter in the bunkers, but as soon as the danger is averted, all activities resume: traffic, public transport, the metro, the supermarkets etc How have you been dealing with this situation for almost a year now? In fact, it's a rarity that I found in my father-in-law's belongings and which is very symbolic at the moment.

We attend the debates and discussions on the search for solutions at all levels, we give interviews on the real facts and the impacts of this unjust war..

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