Media and transition, May 3, reforms: The confidences of Souleymane Bah "Thiâ'nguel"...

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Africaguinee May 3, 2022 1:17 a.m.

These are panels that will focus on digital because this year UNESCO has chosen as its theme: "journalism under the influence of digital technology".

Today, if he took his minister of communication whom he made available to journalists so that this party (May 3) could be organized with them, for me it reflects a conception of freedom of the press and the way he imagines the media should react and act in his country.

And it is in this context that we are organizing these days since they are part of this action plan that we have put in place.

Secondly, the President met journalists, media men at the end of last year, they discussed and he told them what he expects of them in terms of responsibility in the process that is underway in our country.

to move to a normal country.

We have chosen a number of themes from universities that will be led by three media professionals for higher education institutions, which are Koffi ANNAN, Mercure and Isic de Kountia.

Since Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya came to power, despite being in a military regime, we can imagine that it could be a regime that restricts freedom, but there are no journalists in prison, no journalists worried .

But with the enthusiasm, we found ourselves today with 33 stands dedicated to the media, associations and universities in which journalism is taught.

We all know that we were in a failing state, in an economy completely in tatters, a tear in the social fabric, mediocrity at the top of the state and in the administration.

In this context, for example, we have finalized the order setting advertising rates, there are a number of projects that are being implemented both in terms of restructuring the service, but also in terms of term of projection on what must be done.

The shows are being made in complete freedom, so that's the first thing.

We hope that with everything we have started, next year Guinea's place will be improved.

To talk about it, we interviewed Mr.

Souleymane BAH, (Soulay Thiâ’nguel), Secretary General of the Ministry of Information and Communication.

This observation, we did not need to be in a ministry to do it.

In any case, this is the fight that we are going to lead and it is the fight for which we have made commitments before the President of the Transition.

It must be noted that no journalist is in prison.

But we fight for him to be there, to stay in direct contact with the media.

Today, we have finished setting up the stands, the competition is over, next week the jury is due to meet.

He received an invitation, he is expected to be there, but he is the President of the Transition.

Who knows if he won't have a compulsion?.

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