Plantation fire: "We will hunt down and punish the perpetrators ...", assures Minister Nagnalen Barry

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Africaguinee April 30, 2022 1:58 p.m.

And, as now there is a commission that exists, as soon as the last case occurred, the commission went to the scene to begin discussions with the victim and above all to encourage him to lodge a complaint.

If we do that again, the same people who think we're inactive will think we're breaking the law, otherwise it's very easy to pick up and put everyone in jail.

In an interview he gave this Saturday, April 30, 2022 to our editorial staff, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock spoke about the fire phenomenon of which several agricultural entrepreneurs are victims in the prefectures of Kindia , Dubreka, Forecariah, (Lower Guinea).

That's what we're doing, but it's clear that we're going to hunt them down and we're going to punish them.

So it's sad, the cases that have happened we will take them head on (…) Moreover, it is in a single area (Forécariah and Kindia).

Expressing his compassion to the many victims including the artist Singleton who recently lost his 30 hectares of cashew nut field, Mamoudou Nagnalen Barry unveiled a battery of measures taken to "track" all those who engage in these criminal acts which destroy the investment of others in Guinea.

It was while we were doing this action and the new case happened.

Many victims have not filed a complaint because people do not trust our legal system and often it costs money to file a complaint.

There have been similar analyzes in the United States on the cases of racism that we see, the killings of young black people in recent years.

For cases that are not criminal, we really want to launch an awareness campaign to prevent accidental fires.

MAMOUDOU NAGNALEN BARRY: As for all Guineans, this is a very worrying subject, especially in the areas of Kindia and Forécariah where, in addition to accidental fires, there are also arson attacks.

With these numerous cases of fires, many young people no longer want to invest in agriculture, which is nevertheless a growth sector.

Last week, the commission was with the Attorney General, Mr.

Charles Wright to get guidance on how to deal with old cases first.

Our commission that has been created has members who already have mission plans to go into the field and raise awareness, but also to initiate the first prosecutions in the localities.

We had already started to take action before the new case occurred.

It is even more worrying and sadder to see that Guineans are able to set fire to the results of years of work of other Guineans.

It's really marginal compared to the potential, the number of people engaged in the agricultural sector..

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