Duration of the transition, dialogue, anti-coup force: the truthful interview of Dr Morissanda Kouyaté

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Africaguinee Dec. 5, 2022 9:48 a.m.

Another part mentioned in this interview that he was kind enough to grant to our editorial staff, is the decision relating to the establishment of an anti-coup force in West Africa.

Regarding the start of the transition period, Dr.

Morissanda Kouyaté wanted to be sharp: This question is behind us, which is why it was not discussed in Abuja.

He refrains from commenting on the recommendation relating to a possible relocation of the dialogue to a capital of one of the ECOWAS Member States, because according to him, to speak out on this would be synonymous with "insulting oneself".

The Guinean Minister of Foreign Affairs who was very active on Sunday, December 04 in Abuja, during the ECOWAS Summit (Economic Community of West African States) has just spoken on the conclusions of this meeting of leaders of the sub-regional organization.

Clarity and firmness, the head of Guinean diplomacy suggests that there is no contradiction between what the heads of state of ECOWAS are asking of the authorities of the transition and the ongoing dialogue process.

So that's behind us, that's why they didn't talk about it.

Commenting on the adoption of this resolution, the head of Guinean diplomacy did not do the lace.

There is no ambiguity.

For him, working for the good political, economic and social governance of States costs less than setting up an anti-coup force.

What we are doing is exactly what heads of state are asking for.

AFRICAGUINEE.COM: During the ECOWAS summit where you were very active, the Heads of State and Government asked the authorities of the Guinean transition to hold an inclusive dialogue involving all the actors, even if it meant relocating it to a capital from one of the countries of the sub-region.

That is to say an inclusive dialogue framework.

It's good to create an anti-coup force but it's even better to create good political governance.

The best way to fight against coups is to ensure good political, economic and social governance..

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