Leave Buhari Alone, Table Demands Before NASS – BMO Knocks Southern Governors

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Naijanews May 13, 2021 6:28 p.m.

Leave Buhari Alone, Table Demands Before NASS – BMO Knocks Southern Governors

The group said: “Like many Nigerians, we were excited that governors from Southern Nigeria set aside party differences to meet recently on critical national issues and agreed on some salient points, but we are surprised that they made some demands which they tied to a national dialogue.” “While we are not privy to discussions that preceded the demand for restructuring, we found it strange that a gathering of Governors that included at least five former Federal lawmakers chose to ignore the place of the National Assembly in constitutional amendment, but opted for what is clearly not recognised as a legal body for constitution matters.” “We agree with Nigerians who have come out boldly to say that any other process outside of what the Constitution prescribes, amounts to deceptively playing to the gallery as done by the previous administration, or an illegal move to compromise the constitutionally defined role of the National Assembly as the voice of the people.” “Incidentally, the 17 governors met at a time the National Assembly was rolling out details of its forthcoming two-day zonal hearing on constitution review and the items listed for deliberations.” BMO noted that issues outlined by the federal lawmakers to be deliberated upon at the 12 public hearings are wide enough to meet the aspirations of people clamouring for restructuring and devolution of power.

“We make bold to say these are all-encompassing issues that are in line with the clamour for restructuring so we are surprised that state governors, many of whom are former federal lawmakers, are mulling an illegal route to altering the Constitution.” “We know however that President Muhammadu Buhari has always expressed his belief in processes and we dare say that he would not be a party to eroding the legitimacy and constitutional mandate of the National Assembly..

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