Developing Ghana through real estate

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Pulse-gh Nov. 23, 2021 6:01 p.m.

Developing Ghana through real estate

According to Majeed Saad, CEO/Founder of VAAL Real Estate Group “About 5 years ago, when we started VAAL, it was built with the African spirit in heart and mind, bringing along the vast expertise in real estate development from Egypt, Kenya, Turkey and the Middle East market.” He said, “The big dream of VAAL is becoming one of the biggest, trusted and well-versed real estate developers and consultancy firms.

The black represents the level of sophistication, expertise, and technology we are bringing to the real estate development arena to transform the African market.” According to Alaa Zayed, CEO/ CO- FOUNDER of VAAL Ghana, “VAAL is committed to creating an enormous investment opportunity for investors from all over the world in the promising and skyrocketing Real estate Ghanaian market.

Vaal Real Estate has an accumulated experience of over 20 years in Real Estate Development, serving buyers of luxury Homes in Middle East and Africa, with a blend of unique era of Architectural concepts, unrivalled innovation, experience, market knowledge and consumer needs.

It has a deep-seated purpose and wants to elevate the real estate standards to match those benchmark standards followed and implemented in Egypt, Turkey, Kenya and the Middle East.” VAAL Real Estate offers properties in prime locations in Accra, Ghana..

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