Okowa won’t allow crisis in Delta PDP, says Majemite

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Guardianng July 23, 2021 4 a.m.

Okowa won’t allow crisis in Delta PDP, says Majemite

At the last DC-23 meeting in Asaba, you declared your intention to contest the Delta governorship seat in 2023.It is true that I have indicated my interest to run for the governorship of Delta State come 2023.

Majemite Legal luminary and two-time commissioner in Delta State, Chief Fred Majemite, is a member of DC-23, a group working for the continued rotation of the state’s governorship seat among the senatorial zones.

Are you confident that the DC-23 will be able to come up with a candidate that will bear the PDP flag come 2023, especially against the backdrop of the rumour that the group is being sponsored by one of the aspirants?I am a pioneer member of that group and also an aspirant.

So, who is the aspirant sponsoring the meeting now?I believe the meeting was called for us to beg our brothers from other senatorial districts to allow a candidate from Delta Central to be the flagbearer of the PDP.

With two more years to the end of Okowa’s administration, how would you assess his performance so far?Okowa is one man who prayed and worked to be governor and he got the governorship.

As one who is very passionate about Urhobo, how would you deal with the issue of Urhobo unity as far as the 2023 governorship election is concerned?When DC-23 started the lobby, we started by first visiting the Urhobo monarchs in all the kingdoms.

We also use this opportunity to tell our brothers in Delta South and Delta North that they should join forces with Delta Central to get the governorship come 2023, and after eight years it will go to the next senatorial district.

As you embark on your wide consultation, what is the perception of those you visited in other senatorial districts on this issue of zoning?There is no written agreement for the zoning, and that was why I used the word ‘understanding’.

In this interview with Senior Sub Editor, INNOCENT ANORUO, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart stresses the need for the governorship rotation as it has engendered peace across the state.

But I know that as we get closer to 2023, some people will change their minds because good reasons give way to better ones.

Our people know that Fred Majemite has made a lot of sacrifices and, I doubt, if this time around, they will ask me to withdraw again.

Let your leaders know your interest; let them assess you before you can declare formally.

By the grace of God, any governor that will be produced from Delta Central come 2023 should ensure that every kingdom is carried along, without shortchanging other local councils in the state.

So, I believe that, if not for anything, they should also consider my antecedent and how loyal I have been and let me run for the governorship.

If the people don’t want me to serve, let them show it at the polls.

I have attempted the senate (Delta Central) seat twice, but due to the differences within the party and the leadership of the party, I withdrew unconditionally.

A few months ago, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was quoted as saying that there was no agreement for zoning of governorship in the state.

Won’t this create problem for the PDP?There is a distinct possibility that the three governors may have interest in different aspirants.

When we talk about Delta Central producing one candidate, you and I know that it has never happened in any Senatorial district before.

If the call comes now for you to jettison your governorship aspiration for someone else, how would you take it this time?What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

And they won’t want the party to lose the state.

This time around, we believe that the governorship is coming to Delta Central.

If you look at my antecedents, you would know that I have worked for the party and have remained loyal.

I also know that the governor means well for the people of Delta.

That is because they know that once they are divided, it will cause the party a lot.

At our inaugural meeting, nearly all of us that indicated interest to run were present.

I have the interest of the party and our people at heart..

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