Cum in: What does sperm feel like inside you?

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Pulse-gh Jan. 21, 2022 11:24 a.m.

Cum in: What does sperm feel like inside you?

While women tend to become aroused by an emotional connection on top of a physical attraction towards a man, men are more simple and straightforward, so to speak.

Physically, a lot of women don't actually feel it when a man ejaculates inside them.

And because there are moments when they can't control what happens down there, you can guess that other things can make a man feel aroused.

These came from women who do feel the sperm inside of them.

How does it feel for women to have sperm inside them? Men also feel the need to keep the build-up growing stronger and stronger, much like a journey to the top of a mountain.

Many things can turn on a man, from physical, mental to emotional aspects of a woman, real or digital.

How does a man feel after releasing sperm? A man cumming inside a woman establishes an intangible yet precious link between the partners.

Furthermore, it yields numerous benefits for both men and women, such as all the hormones and chemical compounds mentioned earlier..

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