Nine commandments for a good marriage without divorce

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Pulse-gh Oct. 5, 2021 7:09 p.m.

Nine commandments for a good marriage without divorce

And you cut your bread the wrong way, and you iron your shirts the wrong way, you chew too loudly, you breathe too often...

Don't transfer your dissatisfaction with life to your spouse.

It happens for a variety of reasons, from a banal dislike for their partner to, say, the addition of the other half to surfing the Internet, readingthis posts there, or playing endless games.

It is not uncommon to hear men complain that their wives demand 100% financial support for their children.

Even if you have a free marriage and you gave each other the right to cheat in advance (it also happens, all marriages are different), do not abuse your carte blanche.

Today we will discuss the 9 commandments, the adherence to which will strengthen family life and make the marriage happy.

Understand, even if the spouse himself is not on good terms with their relatives, it does not mean that you have the right to speak ill of them.

If the wife cooks and cleans daily, she deserves a basic human "thank you" too! Speaking in a bad manner about your partner's close relatives, it's like you are talking bad about him.

In Slavic countries, there is a wild, nasty and fundamentally wrong saying "Beats you, then loves you!" They pick on every word and action of their life partner daily.

We have won back equal rights, and equal rights come with equal responsibilities.

Likewise, men should not shift all responsibility for taking care of children and raising them to their wives.

That way you hurt both your spouse and your children.

A spouse has the right to set aside some money for his or her own needs.

Needless to say, constant trips to the side will one day undermine family life.

If you do not want a classic version of it, caress your life partner in other ways..

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