Health alert: Lassa fever is gaining ground in Gueckedou…

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Africaguinee May 5, 2022 3:08 p.m.

Preventive measures 1- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water; 2- Wash all kitchen utensils with clean water and soap and keep them safe from rodents; 3- Store food in closed containers; 4- Remove household waste and waste of any kind from dwellings; 5- Avoid handling or eating rodents; 6- Fight against the presence of rodents in residential areas and any place open to the public.

In the village, we enrolled 68 contacts, including 22 contacts in the village of Nègbeda where the patient was taking care while he was sick before we were informed.

A second case of Lassa – which has no connection with the first – has just been identified by the health services.

According to laboratory tests, they are almost out of danger", told us doctor Kadouno Pierre Tamba, doctor in charge of the fight against the disease at the prefectural direction of health of Gueckedou.

To date, 281 contacts have been registered.

in the two sub-prefectures (Kassadou and Tékoulo) where the two confirmed cases come from.

It is precisely in the village of Koumassa that this second case was detected and confirmed, on April 29..

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