Colonel Fodé Soumah, former prefect of Siguiri: "I am in custody..."

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Africaguinee Dec. 1, 2022 5:10 p.m.

Besides, it was I who went myself to Kankan, as soon as I arrived, they put me at the disposal of an agent to refer me to Siguiri, who must expedite the procedure.

nothing like bad.

Prior to this dismissal, the Minister of Justice Charles Wright had already instructed to initiate legal proceedings against Colonel Fodé Soumah and 11 other people for "destruction of the environment, clandestine mining, corruption of public officials, association criminals and complicity".

Questioned on the charges brought against him, Colonel Fodé Soumah indicated that he does not wish to comment on them in this investigation.

SIGUIRI-24 hours after his dismissal, the now ex-prefect of Siguiri, was interviewed in Kankan with the Prefectural Director of Mines of Siguiri before being deposited at the remand center of the gold mining town (Siguiri).

“It was after contacting the Siguiri court of first instance that the prosecutor decided that I should be placed under a warrant of committal.


Kindy Baldé reported that the justice is in the process of hearing them as part of a procedure of flagrante delicto and possibly placing them under a warrant of committal..

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