Guinea: What role for youth for a successful transition?

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Africaguinee Sept. 20, 2021 9:57 p.m.

Confronted with endemic unemployment, underemployment or even a lack of resources, the Youth, which represents the most important layer of the country, has been the spearhead in the fight for the establishment of democracy, the rule of law and good governance in the hope of seeing its situation changed.

For my part, the main mission of a transitional authority in a democracy is not to develop and implement a socio-economic development program but rather to create the conditions for the restoration of the authority of the State and organize general elections to allow a rapid return to normal order.

On the political level, this military coup appears as the direct consequence of Alpha Condé's stubbornness to maintain himself in power at all costs in violation of the Constitution of May 07, 2010 on the basis of which he was elected.

and sworn in twice and thus plunging the country into a deep political crisis.

To this end, the young men and women of Guinea must take their responsibilities to demand that they be guaranteed spaces for dialogue so that they can carry their messages to all key actors and participate fully in the transition.

To do this, it is up to him to organize himself in order to be actively and fully involved in the entire transition..

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