Did Alpha Condé's former Minister of Transport want to "flee" Guinea? Mohamed Keita breaks the silence...

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Africaguinee May 3, 2022 1:38 a.m.

They even sent me a doctor who visited me and recommended that I take his medication and do the X-ray to see if there is a fracture.

Since I was apprehended today, I can't even stop.

Arrived at the level of the police station before Kourémalé, we parked, we greeted each other with the agents, I introduced myself to them, before continuing to go and make myself comfortable in a concession.

I had done it before, I had no objections, so why am I going to run away? While speculation has been rife since he was "apprehended" on Monday May 2, 2022, near the Kourémalé border in the northern part of Guinea, former Minister of Transport Mohamed Keita has broken the silence.

So, immediately after the prayer, I said that I cannot take a vehicle to return to Conakry on the bad road that we know in my state.

I only have a simple ordinary passport just to go to Bamako and reach Conakry.

I came with my driver to a level (near the border) where we ran out of gas.

This is how the agents took their motorcycle to find me in front of where I was waiting for my driver.

If anyone wanted to flee, it was at the takeover when everything was hot.

It is now that the doctor who has just left has recommended me some medicine.

This time, it's a case of force majeure because I really have pain.

I took a motorcycle to take me to the front.

If I had something to reproach myself for, I was not going to come back.

But before moving to Conakry, I had made a mistake before arriving on Saturday.

The belt I'm wearing prevents me from even stopping.

They dragged me to Siguiri.

On the contrary, I have left the country several times since the coup and returned without any worries.

MOHAMED KEITA: Last night while praying in Kankan, I had clicking sounds in my back, specifically in the kidneys..

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