Rivers Assembly Threatens To Impeach Fubara

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Naijanews March 30, 2024 3:24 p.m.

Rivers Assembly Threatens To Impeach Fubara

“Finally, we assure the good people of Rivers State of our commitment to stand up for them and urge them to remain prayerful against tyranny and dictatorship in the State because we believe that as agents of positive change, things can be better in the State if the rule of law prevails and there is mutual respect for and from all arms of government and institutions.” “We assure the good people of Rivers State that we remain undeterred in our service to our father land and no number of threats including those of violence against us just like they attacked the Speaker’s residence will make us abandon our Constitutional mandate to make laws for the good governance of our dear State.

“The latest of the new groups recruited against the 10th Assembly is the “Former Rivers State PDP Presidential Campaign Council”.

“In other words, they are against those who defeated them and put them to shame by ensuring the victory of the President and Governor in the State, but they now “subscribe” to the President and Governor.

“Time will tell but we must keep in mind that they vowed “never to serve master and later boy” and campaigned that the President was unqualified, not healthy enough and unfit for the job.

“These new hawks in the scene and all those who are quick to refer to the Governor as “Mr.

“It is worthy of note that the notice of impeachment of the Governor was quickly withdrawn by members of the House in fulfilment of the terms of the agreement and out of immense respect for the person and office of the President of the Federal Republic and believing that there would be a u-turn in terms of unlawful actions of the Governor.

“Efforts to utilize misguided individuals and attack dogs to spew lies against the House or misinform the populace with the intention of bringing the House to disrepute has only succeeded in strengthening our resolve to represent our people even better by focusing on our job and ignoring their distractions.

“They must not forget that the Rivers State House of Assembly has the mandate of the people and that we swore an oath of allegiance to the Constitution to do the needful including the Impeachment of the Governor as a last resort.

Their new game plan is to blackmail Mr.

President with “oil production and OPEC Quota”.

“The reverse is now the case as we see from day to day the activities of the State Governor been conducted outside the laws of Rivers State and the Constitution.

“The 10th Assembly respectfully calls on Mr.

President to ignore these hawks that have just landed and their failed attempt to disparage the very performing FCT-Minister and the Rivers State House of Assembly.

“On the other hand, they derided the 10th Assembly who they are unhappy with for joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) which incidentally is the President’s Political Party.

“We remain very prayerful and ever supportive of the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President’s government.

“In a press conference on the 26th of March 2024 signed by Dr.

Abiye Sekibo, this group inferred that the House is an illegal and unconstitutional Assembly.

“Several Bills that are in the interest of the State have succeeded so far and resolutions passed with the objective of making things better.

“The good people of Rivers State know who they truly are.

“These new arrivals have just landed like hawks.

“They now want to advise the President and use unprintable words against the former Governor of Rivers State- His Excellency, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON.

“Worse still, they lied against and attacked the FCT Minister who worked tirelessly for the victory of the President and the Governor in Rivers State.

“Their plan is to eliminate the legislature that is pushing for the independence granted her by the Constitution since they cannot exercise undue control over her..

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