Trial on the abuses of 2009: "We will provide all the evidence...", promises Me DS Bah

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Africaguinee Dec. 6, 2022 4:46 p.m.

Now that there is a real policy that accompanies the organization of this trial, I think it is time today that the investigating judges who have recently been seized of these cases can go in depth because they have the support of the CNRD and the government.

Regarding the case of Bienvenu Lamah, for example, he had already been charged but he had not been referred to the criminal court because at the time the investigating judge had considered that there was not much dump.

In fact, since the people had not been charged when the investigation was closed, another investigating judge was appointed.

Does the commission of a new investigating judge to hear people cited in this case reflect the fragility of the information in the file? For the moment, we believe that there is obviously a link with the trial, but it is the investigation that will determine.

I remind you that at the time of this instruction, the investigating judges did not have all the support necessary to be able to inform correctly.

There too, among all the defendants who have succeeded each other at the bar, there is only one who wanted to tell his part of the truth and who gave a lot of information, which will certainly make it possible to elucidate many parts.

of this trial.

First there were the exceptions that were raised at the start of the trial, it was fair game since the defense lawyers wanted to somehow create incidents and above all to victimize themselves and prevent the court from going at the bottom of the case.

As soon as there were revelations at the bar, Toumba Diakité formally identified him as the one who maintained the militia who went to create carnage at the stadium, so there were new charges which today, towards with which he was charged.

In the defense, he (Toumba Diakité, Editor's note), he decided above all to help the court, even if on his role in the commission of certain offenses, he has not provided answers for the moment.

Important documents were stolen from the headquarters of AVIPA (Association of victims parents and friends of the massacre of September 28) during a burglary.

Listen, as I said at the start, only Toumba Diakité wanted to give his share of the truth, where there was a lot of information.

The others are part of the logic of denying everything, and especially sometimes even the obvious, because we all know that they have sulphurous pasts, this is the case of Tiégboro Camara and Claude Pivi.

You know when we place ourselves in the current context, we can say that there was no seriousness or that the magistrates did not play their roles.

The new investigating judge will be able to continue the investigations and it is possible that dozens of people will be able to appear soon.

FIDH, OGDH, AVIPA and the collective of lawyers had made requests along these lines so that all those who intervened at the time of the events could be known, through confrontations with the victims, so that these people can be identified.

I will take just one example, this is the case of the list of people who intervened in the maintenance of order on September 28.

We ourselves are surprised at the coincidence, since it is at the time when the trial is open, it is soon a question of bringing back the evidence which is at our disposal, that the office of AVIPA was robbed.

It is another investigating judge who has been appointed and who is in the process of making judicial inquiries.

Investigating judges do not have a judicial police..

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