‘Only progressive-minded Igbo can contest 2023 presidency’

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Guardianng July 21, 2021 3:08 a.m.

‘Only progressive-minded Igbo can contest 2023 presidency’

“You have to make sure the legislative act is concrete, youths are willing and ready, but when you do not have money, when you do not have a brand name, you do not have your own network, how do you work?” Ibe decried the lack of purposeful grooming of future leaders, remarking that leadership internship is necessary to avoid the mistakes leaders make by appropriating public service for personal aggrandisement.

He noted that this has come to a state where youths can no longer stand the duplicity of career politicians The APC chieftain, who spoke to The Guardian in Abuja, regretted that many unmet expectations of the people, particularly youth and women, have raised their consciousness to demand accountability from politicians.

“He would have had contacts, so that tomorrow, if he appears to say, vote for me, I want to go to the State Assembly, you cannot stand up to say, who is Godwin for example, because with such exposure, Godwin has got a name and image to protect,” he said..

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