Cement: Why Nigerians Can’t Buy N3,500 Per Bag – BUA

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Naijanews March 5, 2024 10:26 a.m.

Cement: Why Nigerians Can’t Buy N3,500 Per Bag – BUA

Five months later, BUA Cement and indeed all other cement products rose to N12,000 to N13,000 per 50kg bag, a development that has cast doubt on the purported reduction of the price of cement by the company, considering that its product had never been sold to N3,500 since October 2023.

We thought other players in the cement industry would join us in making the price of cement affordable.” Kabir noted that BUA was unable to maintain the discounted price of N3,500, as the intermediaries and wholesalers prevented the intended recipients, the end-users, from accessing the reduced price.

The company’s clarification followed a seven-day deadline issued by two civil society groups to its management, demanding the sale of cement at N3,500 per bag or face the picketing of the company..

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