Dadis Camara at the helm: “I suffer…”

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Africaguinee Dec. 5, 2022 11:23 a.m.

(groping)…I…There's my doctor, well… We didn't receive any medical records about you first, that's why I'm asking you this question… There are the treatments with malaria that I've had.

Once before Judge Ibrahima Sory 2 Tounkara, the former head of state declared that he had been suffering for quite some time.

I have problems with...

Well, I don't want Mr.

President, with all due respect to your august tribunal, to tell you that I'm not in good shape, in all sincerity.

CONAKRY- This is one of the most anticipated moments in the ongoing trial of the alleged perpetrators of the September 28, 2009 massacre..

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