Instead of the 72 months of Pr Alpha Condé, the living forces of the Nation propose 39 months transition

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Africaguinee May 1, 2022 2:12 p.m.

Thus, the Head of State, in informing national and international public opinion of the long-awaited deadline for the Guinean transition, made a point of specifying that it emerges from the living forces of the Nation "a median proposal of a consensual duration of the Transition of 39 months” It emerges from this important address to the Nation that Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya is not only an extraordinary legionnaire but that he is also a democrat hidden in the military uniform who does not was only a spokesperson "for the consultations undertaken at all levels since the beginning of the Transition, with all the components of the nation, with all Guineans wherever they are" as if to put it in a nutshell like in thousand that instead of the 72 months (or six years) corresponding to the end of the third mandate of Pr Alpha Condé, the living forces of the Republic of Guinea propose 39 months or 3 years and three months for a return to the constitutional order in our country.

The tone and place chosen for the address to the Nation are solemn insofar as it is the first time in living memory that a Head of State addresses his compatriots from a classroom under the gaze of high school students..

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