Burkinabe minors, victims of abuse in Siguiri: shock testimonials!

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Guineematin Aug. 11, 2020 7:52 p.m.

There are some days, the young Burkinabe arrested two Sala, a district Doko.

"Last time, I went to Kintinian I met two young Burkinabe crying.

When they do not have money, they install so-called checkpoints to strip the Burkinabe.

Even gold they possessed, they all pris.

They are afraid of being repatriated, so when they are victims, they do not complain.

And the victims never dare complain for fear of being repatriated, learned through his Guineematin.

"The Burkinabe children are suffering greatly today in Siguiri.

When I asked them why they were crying, they told me that this is a young taxi motorcyclist who took their money, plus 6 grams of gold and two téléphones.

Police officers are not the only ones to blame are the eux.

Selon our information, it is in the sub-prefectures of Doko and Kintinian that these....

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