State Policing Would Worsen Insecurity In Nigeria – Okey Ezea Declares

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Naijanews Dec. 6, 2022 9:27 a.m.

State Policing Would Worsen Insecurity In Nigeria – Okey Ezea Declares

The issue of insecurity and state police needs critical analysis to find a middle course that satisfies the people’s yearnings.” Naija Newsunderstands that, while speaking about facing the incumbent governor of Enugu State,Ifeanyi Ugwuanyias his opponent in the contest at the Enugu North senatorial district, Ezea said the result of the polls will not be determined by whether someone is an incumbent senator, or governor, or president, it would depend on the public’s acceptance of the candidacy of the person to determine the outcome.

Ezea’s stand rather contradicts what the agitations of people are about the issue of state police, as many people have pushed for it saying it would reduce the rate of insecurity in the country.

“So, if Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi feels he is very confident of his performance because we’re facing our people, who have given him the mandate he has had in his life, let us campaign and wait for election day to see who the people will vote for.

“Insecurity will be worse if state police remain in the hands of state governors.

Naija Newsgathered that while giving his reason, the Labour Party Enugu North candidate told Punch that it is glaring what state governments are doing with their various vigilante group, so one should now wonder what the situation would be with state policing in their care.

According to him, insecurity will be worse than when it started if state policing remains in the hands of state governors.

Ezea noted that the only way state policing can thrive is for the system not to be controlled by state governors..

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