Upcoming opening of FabLabs to support young people in digital careers

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Africaguinee May 3, 2022 12:02 p.m.

As a reminder, the Orange Guinea Foundation is part of an approach aimed at contributing to the popularization of learning via digital technology through programs including the FabLabs in which it intends to promote autonomy, employability and help integration of young people (out of school, looking for work) by offering them a lever for their professional project Thus, through these FabLabs, young people will be able to understand and appropriate digital technologies in an original, collaborative and thanks to the learning mode based on doing and sharing, powerful levers for confidence and self-esteem.

The opening of these FabLabs confirms the dynamic in which both the FOG and its partners, AUF and Ose Ton Emploi are part: building a sustainable ecosystem in which everyone has a role to play to guarantee the expertise of young people and contribute to human development..

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