Nigerians With NIN Rise To 92 Million – NIMC

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Naijanews Dec. 6, 2022 10:20 a.m.

Nigerians With NIN Rise To 92 Million – NIMC

The top five states for NIN holders are: Lagos (10.33 million), Kano (8.09 million), Kaduna (5.47 million), Ogun (3.87 million), and Oyo (3.68 million).

The plan is to enroll 2.5 million people monthly for the next three years.” Naija Newsreports that every Nigerian is expected to get a NIN with Federal Government disclosing a plan to enroll 100 million people within a three-year period.

According to statistics released by the Commission,19.93 million Nigerians got their NINs in 2022, adding that 52.11 million males and 40.52 million females now have NINs in the nation..

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