Chatham House: Tinubu Only Advertised Incapacity – Melaye

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Naijanews Dec. 7, 2022 7:14 a.m.

Chatham House: Tinubu Only Advertised Incapacity – Melaye

“It was this same pattern that played out in London, where he chose to assume the names of Nasiru, Dele, Femi, and Ben before a live international audience, who would not only have pitied the ostrich conduct of Tinubu but saddened by his coterie of defenders and power entrepreneurs, who chose to swim in shame with a calamitous candidate.

Nothing typifies a team more than a football team, where 11 players form a team.

The APC Presidential hopefulspoke to the Chatham House audienceon his agenda for the country if elected as President in 2023 and also answered questions directed at him through some members of his campaign team.

The PDP chieftain said that even when a direct responsibility was placed on him, Tinubu delegated some members of his team to answer questions on his behalf.

He said: “For nearly all his life, Tinubu has lived in disguise and in the shadows of others..

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