Adesina Proposes ‘United States Of Nigeria’ As New Name For Nigeria

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Naijanews March 30, 2024 3:08 p.m.

Adesina Proposes ‘United States Of Nigeria’ As New Name For Nigeria

The stronger the states or regions, the stronger the federated units.” Adesina reiterated that to get out of the economic quagmire, there is a compelling need for the restructuring of Nigeria, saying restructuring should not be driven by political expediency but by economic and financial viability.

“The achievement of economically viable entities and the viability of the national entity requires constitutional changes to devolve more economic and fiscal powers to the states or regions.

“With good governance, better accountability systems, and zero tolerance for corruption, more economically stronger constituent states would emerge! “We would change the relational mindset between the states and Abuja: the fulcrum would be the states, while the centre would support them, not lord over them.

“From the yearnings of our women and mothers and our men and fathers for a better tomorrow, and the desires of the old that our end would be better than our past..

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