Doko (Siguiri): robbed of 500,000 CFA francs by police, a Burkinabe commits suicide

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Guineematin Aug. 7, 2020 10 a.m.

According to testimonies collected by the of in the prefecture, it follows a suicide attack he was subjected to by Guinean police, who removed him in the amount of 500,000 francs CFA.L ' act happened in the district of Maganko, under the sub-prefecture of Doko.

A citizen of Burkina Faso has committed suicide by hanging in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 5, 2020, in Siguiri.

He worked in the gold mines of this localité.Il a few days ago, he wanted to go to Burkina Faso to reduce the amount of 500,000 CFA francs that he earned through his minor....

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