Spread of coronavirus: more than 20 million cases in the world

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Guineematin Aug. 12, 2020 10:18 a.m.



This continent least affected in the world, had 1,047,049 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Thus, the country totals close to 400,000 confirmed cases.

This country abounds indeed the majority of cases that have Latin America and the Caribbean, two areas that are the most affected region in the number of infections (5,601,470 cases) and death (221,281 deaths) .

And, 34.

And the US still by far the country most affected by the new coronavirus.

The new cases in the hundreds per day and hospitals are bondés.

And among these cases of contamination, 7020 were declared cured coronavirus.

And, more than four confirmed cases of Covid-19 ten are located in the United States and Brazil.

The country of Uncle Sam officially knows 5,075,678 cases with 163,282 deaths.

It is followed by Brazil totaling 3,057,470 cases and 101,752 deaths.


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