Sylla challenges Doumbouya: "39 months is too much, we must not impose everything by force otherwise..."

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Africaguinee May 1, 2022 12:08 p.m.

To prevent us from falling back into the mistakes of the past, I invite the colonel to open up real dialogue, so that everyone can talk, discuss, and get along, "he said.

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we don't agree" Mamadou Sylla fears that this situation will cause crises in the country.

"No doubt there will be internal crises if we don't get along." We note that ECOWAS does not agree with all this, "said the president of Cored.

CONAKRY- Tongues continue to be loosened within the political class the day after the announcement of the duration (39 months) of the transition by Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya.

“The president of the transition must be able to agree to open a real dialogue with the political class..

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